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Matt Gully, born Matthew Goldie in 1995 in Cheyenne WY, has always strived to color outside the lines while still creating a beautiful picture. It was when Gully moved to Phoenix in 2017, he met & teamed up with his producer HeavyConscience, who encouraged him to pursue to goals and dreams of becoming a hit recording hiphop artist. Gully started taking things serious and realized there was potential to be the next hit. In early 2018 the two had their first session at the Saltmine Studios in Mesa, AZ and in light of the aspirations, realized hard work was ahead. A year later of grinding day and night to become great at the craft, all while Gully is supporting his wife and daughter, you are caught up with the first initial project release, 24K/247. Symbolizing to always keep it Gold, keep it 100, and to keep grinding 24/7 to reach your goals. The title must speak for itself. Catch Up With Matt Gully Social: @thatsmattgully Cell: (720) 526-5403 Email:

Matt Gully

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