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Outta My Mind

Automatic Ray has an impressive resume in the culture. In battle rap he's battled the likes of T Top, So Severe, Brizz Rawsteen, amongst many other notable names and his latest single is titled "Outta My Mind" and features Nu Jerzey Twork of URL fame. Most artists work an entire lifetime to achieve a strong resume and Automatic Ray keeps building his steadily and easily. He follows up his last track titled "Mia X" with this single and it true Automatic Ray fashion he brings that R&B styling to the track to create a melodic hook that is catchy all its own.

Automatic Ray flexes his lyrical prowess on this track as always. His cadence, flow and wordplay is different than most artists and that might be influenced by his battle rap background. It definitely adds a layer to his music that other artists are not considering. To be able to be versatile, have an R&B vocal ability and the range to really spit on the track is something that allows Automatic to really be in control of the creative process of each track and it shows that his attention to detail is solid. Then comes in Nu Jerzey Twork with a signature style and bars that are reminiscent of his battles, heavy and aggressive. The combination of Automatic Ray and Twork on this track make for a track that boasts lyrical ability, style, layered bars, rhythm and flow that most features just don't touch. The album artwork is also a nice touch and also shows no slacking on his part for always high quality presentation for all his work!

The track is a solid following from his last featured here on RTU, and it begs the question, what is next? Automatic Ray has a habit of always improving in any facet of hip hop and the next project is definitely going to be something to look forward to as well! Until then check out the single here and follow, subscribe and check out his other content!


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