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Automatic Ray pays homage to No Limit Records w/ Mia x

Automatic Ray is paying homage to the legacy of NO LIMIT with this new record Mia X .

The music industry today is filled with artists who are not genuine, have a copycat approach or are generally just not interesting. This is not the case for Automatic Ray. The musician/artist/battle rapper does it all. He produces exceptional music compositions, battles, records, and has built a reputation on being solid. 

His latest project is titled "Mia X". The cover is a throwback to the glory days of Cash Money Records with a flashy border surrounding the artist's image with sparkling diamonds spelling out the artist's name and track name. This should be an indication that the artist has an appreciation for the period of music that had a tremendous influence on art today. 

The song itself is an perfect exhibition of the talent that Automatic Ray is working with. He ranges from R&B singer to lyricist. The song produced by Ricci is a heavy bass R&B track with wordplay and catchy hook that is a throwback to the South's heyday. You can find Automatic Ray flexing on this track with rhythmic vocals and rapid fire bars toward the end of the track. You can catch the video here and if you check out his channel you can see the quality of work that this artist is working with on the regular. Catch the latest and greatest from Automatic Ray here and follow him on his channel for more.


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