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Tek tha Supah LAtin is an incredible Hip Hop artist unlike any other! He is the son of West Coast

beatbox pioneer Click tha Supah Latin, and being the son of a mic veteran has its privileges. He was taught at

an early age to be himself, master his craft, and command the stage. Tek learned his lessons well and from the

age of 3 until now he’s been impacting every recording and stage he touches.

Tek’s originality and unquestionable mic prowess can be heard on his 4 previous independent releases

“Tha Return…” (2014 LP), Sugar Water Purple (2015 EP), Speak No Hear No C No (2015 EP), & Daddy’s Home

(2016 LP). On those projects he shared the mic with artists: Akil (of Jurassic 5), Mellow Man Ace, Ras Kass,

Chali 2na, Medusa, and features from prominent UK rap artists, to name a few. Needless to say, Tek shined

as always and has become an extremely well known and highly respected emcee in the L.A. Hip-Hop scene.

Big Boy from The New 92.3 said this about him:

“Tek is a child of Hip Hop. He was born into it. It’s in his bloodline from his father Click tha Supah Latin. Tek is

an emcee. No games. No tricks. No gimmicks!! Keep your eyes on him!!”. With props like that it’s no wonder

Tek has performed on the same stages as Rick Ross, The Game, T-Pain, Nipsey Hussle, and KRS One.

Tek also toured the UK twice with Akil the MC and Jurassic 5 and has performed at Coachella, Rock

The Bells, Smoke Out tour, and various Wake Up Show anniversaries. He is fast becoming a Hip-Hop force to

be reckoned with. His recordings and live performances clearly show off his high caliber and his diversity.

Akil The MC of Jurassic 5 recognized this with the following statement:

“Tek is living proof and truth of the idea of bridging the gap. He was fortunate enough to have grown up in Hip

Hop and not just stumbled on it by way of hip hop's commercial success. He was around to witness what most

youngsters his age never saw. His songs, attitude, and performance skills speak to this. He is special in this

regard and that places him up there as a testament that HIP HOP is alive and well, and has a future.”

Tek tha Supah LAtin is more than just a name, it is a Legacy.

Tek tha Supah LAtin

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