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Geodreieck Zum Ausdrucken.pdf




. . . . A: It's not possible to resize the GraphPlot object once it's been created. In order to increase the size of the object I would suggest: Create the object using Dynamic, and add a DynamicModule option Create a dummy Label to pass as the x value for the graph Increase the number of dummy labels used to pass the x and y values for the graph Add the labels to the GraphPlot object by using Dynamic Remove the dummy Label from the x value Remove the graph from the DynamicModule Note that the diagram you want is created using the following code: Dynamic[GraphPlot[Dynamic[Grid[List[Range[10],Style[Text[StringForm["H"(w), {{x}, {y}} ",x,".",y,",",",1,0.001,",0],FontSize->18],1]], EdgeRendering->{Directive[{Opacity[0.5],Thickness[0.05]}]},PlotRangePadding->0, ImageSize->400],Dynamic[Grid[{{"X",Text@ToString@#},{FontSize->20,"Y"}},{1,Length@Series}], EdgeRendering->{Directive[{Opacity[0.5],Thickness[0.05]}]},PlotRangePadding->0, ImageSize->400,Spacing->0]], GraphLayout->{"LayeredEmbedding", "TieStrength"->0.5, "NodeLabelStyle"->{"Filled",White,FontSize->20} }],PlotRangePadding->{0,0},ImagePadding->{Automatic,Automatic}], Slider[Dynamic[v],{0,1,{1,0,0},1}], ImagePadding->{Automatic,Automatic}],{v,0.01}] the x value passed in is then {v,"X"}. Transcript for Saudi Arabia accuses Iran of firing missile at Riyadh A second missile from Yemen at Riyadh it's one of the Saudi cities and it's all that could be heard the explosions. And the missile's did not hit but close to it hitting the area where the attacks came out. The first missile from Yemen on




Geodreieck Zum Ausdrucken.pdf

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