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A visual and auditory experience brought to you by Yung Chauze from Los Angeles, CA.

Completing his first album, ‘Daffodil Hill: Sit and Watch the Clouds Pass’ where he describes a place without worries, a place meant for enjoying the present. With features from Mia Vickers, an Artist from Warsaw, Poland, and other local Arizona artists, Daffodil Hill was set to come alive. Released May 12, 2019, to Soundcloud, eventually reaching all streaming platforms in July.

Within two months, Chauze had bigger plans; arranging, engineering, and writing what would be his second studio album, ‘SUMMER’S 4 THE K!DS’. Chauze grew as an artist, orchestrating a production of musicians, photographers, and videographers to a 15th-floor apartment in Arizona. For three weeks they would grind on the album. Built around the idea that Summer belongs to the youth, allowing the k!ds to access the outermost limits of pure fun, creating their own world only bound by the vague reaches of their collective imagination. A collection of 10 songs, released on July 6th, 2019.

From here Yung Chauze is looking to grow even more as an artist. Many of his fans look at him as a visionary, coming up with ideas, then bringing them to life. He booked his first show at the Arizona Hip Hop Festival on November 16th & 17th, 2019. His merchandise line is releasing in early 2020. Manifesting a destiny for himself. Sit and Watch The Clouds Pass.

Yung Chauze

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