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ayeBLOKE, a student of Hip-Hop destined to become an artist due to his upbringing in music. With an ear for new music and sound, BLOKE discovered his passion for both producing and writing his own material. Growing up within a military family ayeBLOKE was exposed to all corners of the music world. From No Limit and Cash Money to Ruff Ryders and Roc-a-Fella, influences were not limited to one specific region during a time when where you from determined who you listened to.

Little quick one take video with the lyricists and Dubs Up Ent artist ayeBLOKE. A cover of 'FEAR' by Kendrick Lamar. SHOW SOME LOVE AND FOLLOW

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the man behind the camera

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brispy.breme is the third record on

ayeBLOKE's "three.3.oh EP".

A freestyle centered around the pressures of being

an artist in the digital era and the braggadocio that

comes with finding yourself thru your own truth.

icecreamBLOKE - ayeBLOKE

My take on the classic "Ice Cream" by Raekwon.

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