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Yung Sims - “No Patience”

Patience might be a virtue but virtues don’t pay the bills. “No Patience”, the latest track from Phoenix, Arizona Hip Hop artist Yung Sims, is an ode to that harsh truth. Intentions are everything in life and it’s clear from the beginning of the song that Yung Sims intends to make the most out of any situation in life. The tone he sets in the intro with the line “money never do you wrong” tells you that Yung Sims probably isn’t concerned with what might hold him back, rather he is focused on what is going to help him move forward. The entire song is laced with this bravado and defiance. Instead of crafting a song where he wallows in the negativity that comes with trying to achieve something of value, Yung Sims made a song where the point is to be “ahead of the race” and not participating in it.

The lyrics speak of a celebratory mentality that revels in achievement and charisma while injecting vivid tales full of trepidation and treachery. Lines like “Keep my partners out the kitchen, have my son grow up different” speaks volumes when examined next to other lines like “Only thing I trust is my safe, keep the nine so you know that I’m safe” show his duality of wanting something better but acknowledging the realities of the situation.

The instrumental sets a great foundation for Yung Sims as the piano is a perfect way to signal that this song, like the striking of a key, will resonate. The music never gets cluttered or overshadows the vocals. Smooth production is essential here to allowing the cadence of Yung Sims to shine. His tonality is intimate but impactful, you can hear a painful confidence in his voice. The highlight of the song might be Yung Sims’ ability to write impactful bars while avoiding simplistic rhyme schemes. Having the talent to do this while switching up his flow and keeping a soulful delivery throughout makes “No Patience” a triumphant example of honest art being elevated by skillful effort.

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