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Your New Favorite YouTube Channel: ESMR Revengers

YouTube is a haven for content crazy people. From music videos, tutorials, movies, reaction videos, and so much more, there is never a shortage on something new to check out. Unfortunately this means that as the choices grow so does the cavalcade of throw away channels that do nothing more than crowd the search results and get in your way of finding what you really want. Luckily we have found one of those rare channels that sticks out and pulls you in with their funny and constructive reaction videos, their personalities that keep the audience entertained and an overall love for their channel and viewers that shines through in every video. We are referring to ESMR Revengers.

If you haven't caught a glimpse of what they offer we suggest you head over to their channel and watch one of their 500+ videos where Bo & Anweezy (the dynamic duo that make up ESMR) offer up reviews to indie music as well as mainstream, reaction videos dealing with crazy viral happenings as well as music videos and pop culture happenings, and they deliver it all with witty banter and a humble perspective that never seems to pander but always connects. They even do game nights and have been known to play songs from up and coming artists live to their audience during their shows. The balance they bring is great when it comes to appreciating Hip-Hop culture both the old guard and the new regime. They are fair to all topics and see things through nuanced and contextual lenses.

Don't sleep on ESMR Revengers if you need a new channel to keep you entertained, they are almost to 10K subscribers, that many people didn't just click that button on accident. Bo & Anweezy are one of a kind hosts with a great channel loaded with binge worthy content. These two have the talent to take this channel to the next level and the chemistry required to last for a long time.

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