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Xodu$ has a hit with “Count it up“

Do you think a song about counting money might feel like its been done a million times and it couldn’t sound original? If you fall into that category then I suggest listening to “Count it up” by Xodu$ and produced by Xotic and you might be pleasantly surprised. The song has an obvious message that anyone can connect with, a desire for financial opulence. If you listen to it just having that in mind you will find yourself rocking with this song on a deeper level than the obvious message would imply. This is accomplished by a three factors.

First, the instrumental is amazing. It easily feels like you could hear Travis Scott or Lil Scrappy from 2002 on this beat and that grounded trap beat approach really gives this song some musical legitimacy. The second factor is that Xodu$ can actually rap and switches the flow up more than once on a song with two verses. The most important thing to note is that when doing it Xodu$ doesn’t ever feel like his flow loses the listener. He finds a way to throw a few metaphors and similes in without becoming a punchline rapper in the song. The last factor and probably the most obvious when you listen to it more than once is that Xodu$ gives a lot of effort on this track. The passion and confidence show up in every bar and never feel forced.

This song could easily be played on the way to the club, in the club, while you are working out, or just cleaning the house and wishing you had enough money to hire someone to do it for you. "Count it up" might feel contemporary but its actually a slight blend of things from the past (deep trap roots, lyrical emphasis) and present and it helps the song have easy “playlist” potential for anyone who hears it.

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