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Xav the Shaman focuses on the positives with “Ridin’ in the Coupe”

The drive to succeed should permeate everything you do if you’re serious about your craft. Life has a way of throwing obstacles your way but you cant let the anguish from those impediments keep you from living in the Yin of this eternal struggle. Xav the Shaman speaks to this universal truth without losing his celebratory point of view on “Ridin’ in the Coupe”. The instrumental comes on soft and easy to vibe with no matter your taste in Hip Hop.

Every beginning hip hop artist has the moments where driving to the studio, be it a friends bedroom or professional building, are some of the most exciting. Its like waiting in line for a roller coaster and you want to ride it so well that they never tell you to get off. Xav hits the highs on his roller coaster, no pun intended, with a cannabis infused flair and a positive but not at all naïve demeanor. You can only appreciate the good if you accept the bad and Xav doesn’t shy away from it. The violence and turmoil that ensues from it doesn’t stop Xav from appreciating what he has. “Start a boycott round the block, for the brothers who got shot” speaks volumes about the Shaman’s ability to stay positive and make uplifting music amongst the chaos. What the song might lack in polished sound, its rich with intent, honesty, and passion. An artist still exploring his sound and path, Xav the Shaman might be a gem just waiting to be polished.

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