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Willie D Is Running For Houston City Council Just Like Scarface

William James Dennis is running for Houston City Council. To the Hip Hop community he is known as Willie D. The legendary rapper wants to take his love for talking politics on social media to having direct impact with as a council member.

Willie D went to Instagram to tell everyone about his run for District B and asked for support from his long-term fans. “What’s better than one Geto Boy running for City Council? It’s on family,” he said in the post. “This is the next step in my evolution to serve and I need your help!” Scarface, a fellow Geto Boys member, also announced his candidacy for District D in June. The Geto Boys recently lost a member when Bushwick Bill passed from stage 4 pancreatic cancer. The change The Geto Boys want to bring is amazing and would make Bushwick proud.

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