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Whitt Tucker! You degenerate! How’s my favorite reprobate!? I’m well.  Well enough to have people I don’t know threaten me over social media. It’s a good thing Tell me about this name change. You were Pinnacle and now you’re Whitt Tucker aka The Big Bopper! How did this come to be? When I was early in my career, I thought I needed a rapper name. I.e. Ludacris or Mystical. So I called myself “Pinnacle”. That was a name that I felt I could never attain, therefore I’d always strive for it. I never wanted to fall flat. However, after the separation of my former and highly successful group, “Terrorist Angel Babies from Neptune” I decided to drop the alias and move forward as myself. Just me.  No gimmicks, no alias. Just as God made me.  So how do you explain “The Big Bopper”? Isn’t that an alias as well?

Check out "Go Round" By Whitt Tucker Ft. Lizzie Page and Joseph Bills Produced by G1 To the Rescue

It’s a nickname. It’s a flex. It’s just a lot of fun. The name on the records will be my name, Whitt Tucker. I’m taking a page out of Lil Wayne’s book “Dwayne Carter”, Sean Carter’s book “Jay-Z”, or even Reggie Noble’s book “Redman”. Only in reverse. Because I’m me first. I’m a man before I’m anything else and that’s how I approach my music. 100% Me. So where did the name “Big Bopper” come from? Man, I was at work one day, and I started singing “ Chantilly Lace”. Then I came up with the idea to make a new rendition of the song. After that, fans just started calling me that! I thought it was cool and it stuck. I grew up on oldies and new wave. Even metal and RnB so I have an education in musical roots. I felt it was a way to pay homage to the greats who came before me. In the slightest way, without culturally appropriating as a “White rapper” although my momma is Puerto Rican, I don’t look it lol.  So where are you going with all of this? After all the success of TAB(fN), What is your first move as a solo artist? How will you bounce back? I have created an album alone, that I feel embodies the fun nature of TAB(fN) which was an extension of myself. Only this time, I got to have full control of creative ideas. I got to say exactly what is on my mind, and dive into my own thoughts and objectives. From the subject matter, to the beats, to who I record with. It’s been liberating.  What are your objectives with this album? What can the fans expect? All I wanted to do was create fun music and fun videos. Too often I go to a live show and hear an artist crying or spilling their guts about their lives in a manner that is not entertaining to me at all. My life has never been easy. It’s been a struggle since I came out the womb. However, I’d rather crack a joke at the expense of my misfortune rather than sulk n make a potty me track. The fact that the joke is based on something unfortunate makes it something my fans can laugh at because they can relate! It’s a laugh that almost hurts inside, but it’s a good laugh! I want people to feel positive and proud of their struggle. Bounce your head! Talk that shit! Hell yeah! Whitt, you’re known all over AZ and have worked with several artists. Which rappers did you collaborate with and why?  I chose rappers who were happy to work with me and who aren’t jokers. I reached out to Joe Bills, Lizzy Page, Deebo Lotti, and my hometown hero from Alabama, Birmingham Jay. I’m very proud of all these artists and I feel blessed that they kicked ass on my songs. When I was a young boy, I never though I’d have a song with Birmingham Jay. Here we are now and I got the man on my song. It’s a blessing!!! What producers did you use for these songs? Black lions, Taylor Kings and G1 to the Rescue. G1 is the best! These guys are from all different parts of the country. I felt that was important because, I’m not from just one place in America (Florida, Alabama, Kansas, Arizona) My sound is unique because of that and I felt I needed to embody that with the people who I work with.  So why did you call this first solo record “Legs and Thighs”? Because I’m a pervert and I also love fried chicken. So what. Next question How many videos do you have for this album and which is your favorite? I went hard dude. I have five videos from this album alone. They’ve all been so much fun. My friends and fam are just as crazy as I am so we all acted all the way up and have had some great times with successful outcomes. My favorite tho! I’d say Mr. Big Time. Just cuz it made up of such a close circle of friends and we laughed hard as hell all day. However the best video? That’d either be Go Round or Do as you like. Both are extremely unique videos. I really got to direct and story board for the first time. Now I have a craving for it. I gotta do it again. Don’t be surprised if I end up directing a short film at some point. 

Peep Mr. Big Time

As a solid member of the Respect the Underground team for the better part of a decade now, do you plan to stay with the team? Where are you going? Brother, I’ve represented RTU when it was cool. I’ve rep’d it when I had people saying they wouldn’t fuck with me because I was a part of it. I’ve put on for this team no matter what. Know why? Because Respect the Underground has never blown smoke up my ass. It’s always been an eat what you kill mentality and fortunately, we all eat very well. They’ve also presented me with tremendous opportunities that I’d never have received without Justus and Felix believing in me. Thanks homies. I’m blessed to know y’all. 

Means allot you say that, we love having you on the team. RTU WORLDWIDE Last question Whitt, after this album, what is your next move? What do you aim to achieve? I already have things in the works beyond this album. This album has already created new avenues for me and it ain’t even dropped yet. All ima say in this regard is, what’s up Chi City! Be seeing you soon. Watch out for the Grammy. My next move will hopefully inspire a lot of young people to attain what they never thought they could. I want you to smile, value yourself, and never believe you are less than the next man. Odds are, the guy next to you is more insecure than you. Pull your entire dick out, and go get what you deserve band stop caring what each and every person thinks of you. It doesn’t matter! No matter what your into, there is a circle of people somewhere in the world that will embrace you and uplift you. Find that circle! Love y’all. Grab the album on all platforms when you get the chance. All proceeds from the preorder will go DIRECTLY to St. Jude’s to feed people affected by Covid-19. Gotta love the people who love you. I love y’all. 

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