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What KICKS off the All Star weekend? SLAM DUNK CONTEST 2020

With all high flyers and all stars United in Chicago for the 2020 classic Slam Dunk Contest. We seen some amazing leaps and jumps. But the biggest debate of this event has been DID ARRON GORDON GET ROBBED OF THE TROPHY FOR THE SECOND TIME?? Back in 2016 most agreed that the run between Zach LaVine and Arron Gordon was a big L for Gordon.  In a open interview after the 2020 contest he states “who set up the dunk contest?” Feeling again that he should be holding the title for the second time. He gave Derrick Jones Jr. his respect saying he’s a great leaper with super tough dunks. But “it’s a rap” he’s done with the dunk contest for good. Continuing to say his goal now is to win the 3 point contest.

Clearing a clean slam over Boston Celtics Taco in his 361 Degree Big3 “California Sunset” kicks.

Arron felt like the 7 foot 5 jump should have been a easy 50 but fell short with the judges. As the whole crowed was in awe.

Derrick Jones Jr. took the title with his supreme and original leaps. Bringing everyone in the building to “Air Plane Mode.” Making history on the court he jumped a reverse tornado under leg with a back board slam. While wearing Puma Clyde Hardwood kicks he cleared air.

With runners behind Pat Connaughton clearing a Chicago clean dunk in the first round. With perfect 10’s over 7 foot Giannis. But fell short of the cut wearing his Nike Zoom Freak 1 “Eybl” kicks but gave us a great show. Following the great Dwight Howard with his tribute to the great Kobe Bryant. He wore his Nike Kobe 4 proto kicks. Finishing off in his Superman cape repping 24 at 34. For the first time since 2009 the LA laker center is now the oldest on the roster for the 2020 Slam Dunk Contest. Who do you think should have took the win?

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