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W.A.Y. Released a Three-Part Video Series For His '9D' EP

This year, W.A.Y. (aka Connor Ray) released an artful video series for his EP, 9D. The songs are all produced by EyeDuhhh and all the video production is by Jeremy Pape, Khrave, and Iso Production.

The three episodes in the series represent 9 different dimensions of circumstance. W.A.Y. taps into 3 different shades of emotion and creatively executes each of them in a different light. "What is real is undeniable," W.A.Y. shared about the concept. "W.A.Y. stands for 'Who Are You' and 9D is a reflection of who we all are," he continued. "[I met EyeDuhhh] right before he moved and we just clicked. He sent me a few beats and I told him the idea of the 9D video series... Delay after delay... the project kept getting pushed back due to everything you can think of. From relationship issues and bad business communication, to me changing my artist name and having absolutely zero financial backing.

Finally after months of setbacks, the project took form and made some progress. Once the rapper got a few more of his friends involved, things took off. "I had all the art completed and my friend who's also an artist/engineer, Bvggs, opened up a brand new studio Bright Future Media. One thing lead to another and I now consider [them a part of] my team as well. They jumped behind me and helped me bring together an epic release party. All we do is share with each other focus and build. I'm grateful for that relationship at BFM. Without them I know this release wouldn't have been as fun and great as it has been."

What began as a study on 90s-style music production developed into something much deeper and personal for W.A.Y. It's a dedication to the 90s generation, but as the project grew, he found deeper themes woven into his art. Ninety, as the number is spelled, was the original title but the name eventually evolved into 9D as a double entendre, linking the 90s concept to the 9 dimensions he portrays in the series.

"The idea is for the listener to explore their own personalities through a different lens," Way said. "I hope I inspire people to pursue their greatest selves through love and awareness. Inspire a connection with God, because without it we are lost. I want to show how vulnerability can be our greatest strength through acceptance, forgiveness, courage, and faith, despite circumstance. The lyrics are so layered," he added. "It's one of those songs you can't just listen to once to get the entire message. Everything is for interpretation per individual, but I hope people connect with me and we can build a relationship through the music."

Click below to watch the entire series or click here to stream the album!

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