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VagabonD MAFIA - "COus Cous"

As many artists of the hip hop industry would readily admit the ability to transcend adversity is a cultural given. Not every artist is ready to accept that struggle and very few have the willpower to see it through. Then there are those who are stubborn, dedicated and driven with an incredibly unique vision that allows the artist to transcend, regional, national and cultural gaps. These artists are the ones who you can't help but vibe with because their drive and growth is not only admirable but their music is consistently creative and hype. 

This artist group in particular is Vagabond Mafia out of Albuquerque, NM. They are more than a local act, they are growing in popularity and their reach is expanding as fast as their catalog is. Their work has recently been featured in Earmilk and The Source Magazine. They are a group with a lot of energy, a strong fan base and the ingenuity to make their projects unique and complex. Every music video they have boasts a unique concept that is executed well and places their lyrical ability in a worthy visual environment. The personas and lyrical styles of the group vary in range and approach but every emcee brings a fresh and unique style to the microphone. Their most recent project is an appropriate highlight to each emcee and of course the era of the apocalypse. This type of innovative video and content is not only worth the watch, but also the listen, purchase, download, and share. Watch the latest single on IGTV below and follow them for the latest updates and music on the links under the video.

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