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Underground Uprising's Artist of the WEEK: BNasty

We are happy to see BNasty selected for the "Artist of the Week" after his placement a few weeks back with his partner in crime Tevo. Now the focus is solely on him and his latest album "One Way To Go", so lets get to know more about BNasty and his first solo album.

How did you come up with the name BNasty? 

"Growing up in south Phx, I had a neighborhood friend who started chanting “Bnasty” at one of my basketball practices. And since then it has stuck with me, I’ve always loved two things, and those two are basketball and music and The name “Bnasty” was originally a nickname my basketball teammates would call me.  I also go by another name “BDot” get used to seeing that name!"

Is this your first solo project? If so, what was it like making an album that was all you?

"In total I have 3 albums out but this album is the first solo album I’ve done. I gotta say, making an album isn’t easy but I love making music and honestly these ideas are just coming to me and I’m taking advantage of my time and getting a lot of shit done. I wanna push more and I will push more."

Favorite part of creating the album?

"Favorite part of creating the album has gotta be the release date! When I wake up and I get that email that my music is out there, it’s early asf and I’m already getting messages from people who listening and sharing before I get a chance! Which was cool!"

Biggest challenge creating the album?

"Biggest challenge creating the album had to be making the final cut for the album, the albums has a total of 8 songs when it originally started out with 12. I had to listen time and time again to figure out which songs should go and which ones should stay. It’s not that the other songs were bad,They just we’re not perfect. So I took em back to the studio and now I got some spare parts lying around😎"

Why did you name the album "One Way To Go"? What does that mean to you?

"I named the album “One Way to Go” in honor of my third album that i worked so much on. Also bcuz at the start of this album was when I decided for myself that I will take my music serious! And I won’t stop until I make it!"

Favorite song on the album?

"My personal favorite song on the album is “pressure” just bcuz that song consists of a couple different tones of me, while the beat is perfect!"