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For the first time, the Underground Uprising "Artist of the Week" is switched to "Artists of the Week" and BNasty & Tevo are the dynamic duo to be featured. We asked them some questions about music. Their pasts, presents, and futures. Check out the full interview below.

Where are BNasty & Tevo from?  What was it like growing up there?

BNasty: "Phoenix AZ, and growing up in Phx is very hot and if you don’t have a car with AC, good luck!! But overall growing up in AZ is a pleasure others don’t understand. Arizona will always be home for Us."

Tevo: "Washannin it’s Tevo, I’m from Phoenix Arizona, Growing up here for the most part was very unique considering we don’t have a set cultural environment out here. Due to the fact that it’s literally everybody from all around the world here to the point where you be surprised to meet somebody from Arizona. As a whole though it’s calm & breezy easy to live, easy to adapt just hot as hell. You get past that it’s love."

What kind of music did you guys listen to as kids?

BNasty: "Growing up I listen to a lot of what my pops or momma would listen to and they would listen to a lot of female artist, my moms favorite artist was Mary j Blidge, and my dad listen to a lot of boosty Collins."

Tevo: "The kind of music I listed to as a kid was really a lot of oldies because we used to have to clean the crib on Sunday’s, then a lot of rap because my pops & brothers. So really I listen to music in general, if it’s good I like it."

When did you guys start performing?

BNasty: "The first time I performed was in august of 2017 at the summer jam. The first performance that I remember vividly performing with Tevo would be the “brotha Lynch show” that October."

Tevo: "We started performing back in 2017 and been pushing ever since."

Biggest challenge in your careers so far?

BNasty: One of the main challenges as an artist so far has been, promotion and campaigning, mainly trying to expand our fan-base and get more people to hear our music. Me and Tevo can only post so many times for people to listen to our music."

Tevo: "I would say the biggest challenge is managing myself, it’s cool because I make everything happen so I’m aware of everything. At the same time though sometimes it would be nice if I could just get in the studio and do what I do you know."

What do you both think of the current state of AZ Hip Hop?

BNasty: "AZ is full of hidden talent that deserves to be heard/seen but because I feel like Arizona is a little behind on ways to help young artist develop their name, it makes it hard for artist to be heard at a different level, but I can say that Arizona would be an ideal place to start if you want too be an artist. What’s beautiful about the local artist in AZ is that we all support each other. our rappers or singers but our photographers and videographers, graphic designers etc.. everyone supports everyone here. Arizona’s artist all have no problem with supporting one another, and that is something that we must continue to do in AZ." Tevo: "Current state of AZ hip hop is moving in a good direction I feel like, haven’t been in the music scene too long but the progress so far if you been paying attention is great."

Top 5 artists of all time?

BNasty: "Eminem, Pac, Kendrick, Tevo, BNasty" Tevo: "My top artist for me personally would have to be: Kendrick, Pac, Nipsey Hussle, Ethyn Blew, Tevo."

Most underrated aspect of your music?

BNasty: "The most underrated aspect of my music would be how versatile I can really be! I feel like there’s is something new to be found with in my voice and I just haven’t found it yet, but once I find it I can utilize that shit."

Tevo: "Most underrated aspect of my music is that not every song is the same you feel me, not afraid to switch it up here & there. On top of that ima whole vibe & when you learn the lyrics you gone feel me on that statement. Fosho"

Big difference between the two of you?

BNasty: "The difference between me and Tevo is that I’m Brandon and that’s Tevin. We are two different human beings but when it comes to the music it’s like we are in sync, always! and Tev’ was the guy I always knew of in high school but I never actually knew him personally, until our senior years, and since that time we haven’t stopped doing what we do."

Tevo: "I would say the big difference between us is that we two different people with our own style. It works though because we make up each other’s other side you feel me & when you bring it together, you see the outcome."

Who would you guys like to work with in the future?

Tevo: "Everybody in the future really, I don’t have no one specific in mind if it makes sense let’s rock n roll."

What’s the next move for both of you?

BNasty: "The next move for BNasty and Tevo would be to travel and expand our music in different cities once we can tame AZ!" Tevo: "The next move is to elevate the music up to another level from the shows to the trips & continue with that, everything else will fall in line once the tires start spinning."

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