UNderground Uprising: Artist of the week - Danny Kobayashi

It’s time for season 2 of the Underground Uprising "Artist of the Week", and first up we have Danny Kobayashi, an eclectic and multifaceted artist from Arizona. Having recently dropped an amazing video for his single “BLUE”, he is here to shake up the scene and add his flavor to the mix. Dive in and find out about Danny Kobayashi and his music in our interview below.

Ghost Town Media: Where are you from originally? Can you give me some insight to what it was like for you growing up?

Danny Kobayashi: I'm from Phoenix Arizona, but I spent my formative years in Scottsdale. My parents are both college educated and were very conservative, so the first 10 years of my life were super - and I mean super - organized. I was the kid that was always in soccer, in some type of competition and playing violin. There was even a point when I flat out had a schedule of how everyday of my week was gonna go pasted on my door. It was also pretty odd growing up in a town like that - back in the early 2000s, I was 1 of 3 kids with an ethnic background in the entire school. I'd get a lot of comments about it from my peers. So, to wrap that thought up, can you see how putting in my headphones and listening to Gwen Stefani or Akon was an awesome outlet for me?

Ghost Town Media: I can definitely appreciate the way music helped you escape. Now turning the attention to your music, after the positive reception of “BLUE” what do you plan on doing to follow up that success? What’s next?

Danny Kobayashi: I'm actually really glad this video was received well. I'll be releasing multiple songs in the coming weeks with videos and streaming to connect with the people on my page.