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Underground Uprising: Artist of the Week - Bo

We have the first podcast/radio host "Artist of the Week" from Underground Uprising and its the man they know as Bo. His "ESMR Revengers" channel on YouTube is gaining traction fast and we wanted to catch up with him and pick his brain a bit before they hit 10K followers! Read below for some insight into his life and what makes ESMR tick.

Where did you grow up and could you share what that was like? 

"I grew up in Bolingbrook, Illinois with my Mom, Dad, and my older brother. Bolingbrook is a suburb southwest of Chicago about 40 minutes away. It was really diverse and was a place where hip hop had huge influence. We grew up on Bone-Thugs n Harmony, Twista, Tupac and Jay-Z. The town was known for its high school football program which has since gone on two win a couple of state championships. Living there made me who I am because it introduced me to people from every culture and made me realize that really none of us are that different."

When did you start ESMR?

"I started ESMR with my wife here in Chandler in August 2019. I'm a rapper, and the overall goal has always been to build up the YouTube platform to have an audience to share my music with. In about a year we've gained an entire community of artists and friends which has been incredible."

What kind of music did you listen to as a kid?

"Some of everything. I grew up listening to punk rock and hip-hop mostly. Jay-Z, Bone Thugs, Twista, Do or Die, Common, Tupac, Eminem Weezer, Third Eye Blind, Fall Out Boy. I even liked the Spice girls. I have really wide musical tastes, and that really helps with our channel."

Biggest influences?

"Jay-Z and My Mother."

What do you think of the current state of Hip Hop?

"Hip-hop is in a great spot. While there is definitely a feeling of over saturation in the game, it is the most far reaching and profitable style of music out there. Hip-Hop needs to continue to evolve and incorporate other sounds in it is going to lead the music game into the future."

Biggest Challenge so far?

"Consistency. Being consistent is extremely hard when you have a family and work obligations that keep you working over 40 hours a week. Its take a lot of perseverance and pushing yourself to be successful but we really love what we do so that makes it a lot easier."

What is it like trying to balance your personal life and professional life with your co-host?

"It's hard!!!! Great question. It can be really difficult to find a balance for our relationship as well as the tireless hours that YouTube takes. Luckily she's my best friend and biggest supporter so we both push each other to be great. She's really the engine that makes the entire thing go. Favorite place to eat in Arizona? Any of the Lolo's joints. That food is ridiculously good."

What is next for Bo and ESMR?

"We're going to be hitting 10K subscribers on YouTube within the next few weeks which means a new merch rollout. Also I'm working on music with different artists around the valley and working on my next EP. Lots in store!"

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