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Underground Uprising: Artist of the Week - Big Doobie

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

The world is starting to move again and we are glad to keep the trend continuing with our latest interview. The Underground Uprising "Artist of the Week" is the man they call Big Doobie. Find out about what influences and motivates his music in our interview below as well as some other interesting information and background on his past and his future plans.

Where are you from?  What was it like growing up there?

"Detroit Michigan, but been back and forth in AZ since 2000 graduated high school here. I loved growing up in the D is was different than it is now, it was still crazy but not as poor, so people looked out for each other in a different way. Community raising the kids type of situation. Moving here in high school was a culture shock. If never seen kids that were not black before, outside of Arab and Chaldean. I felt like I moved to another year planet, like the kid was taken off the earth for me, there was no looking back after that."

What kind of music did you listen to as a kid?

"Bone thugs in harmony, 36mafia, Project Pat, No limit, hot boys, Tupac, Yukmouth, E40, DMX, Eminem, I also loved Michael Jackson, and queen, and Marvin Gaye, and Bootsy Collins,  all types of music."

Where did you get the name Big Doobie?

"Doobie is a family name, my cousins and I call each other Doobie. We started a club promotion company out here in like 07-08 called the Doobie boys I’ve always been big Doobie."

What do you both think of the current state of AZ Hip Hop?

"I think the current state of AZ music is growing, changing, elevating, I love it, it’s active."

Biggest influences in Hip Hop?

"Biggest would be Yukmouth, and Master P."

What are some issues you see in the industry right now?

"To much trash, the fans are oversaturated with bullshit it can be hard to get to the good shit sometimes with so much bullshit in the way."

How would you remedy that issue?

"Just go harder that’s the only remedy."

What are the highest and lowest moments in your career?

"I just started taking my music seriously in December, I released my first mixtape in May, I would say releasing that tape finally has been the high point so far, the low would be all the years before December that I didn’t prioritize my music and let the streets and other things get in the way of me Investing in my dream."

Who would you like to collab with in the future?

"Kendrick, Wayne, Tip, and Jeezy are on my short list of future collabs, and Sada."

What’s the next move for Big Doobie?

"Pushing new singles, getting back to doing shoes, building my brand, becoming the richest rapper Arizona ever made, and turning other Arizona rappers into Millionaires."

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