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Underground Uprising “Artist of the Week”: AllWhiteBrix

The Underground Uprising "Artist of the Week" is back and this time we are bringing an up and comer from Arizona that goes by the name AllWhiteBrix. Read the full interview below to get to know him and a little bit about what drives him as well as some advice for other artists and some personal stories thrown in as well.

Where are you from?  What was it like growing up there?

“Born and mostly raised in Utah, I moved around a lot as a kid. Majority of the people there though are unfortunately very closed minded, Besides that though it wasn't too bad. The outside activities there are endless!“

How did you come up with your name?  What does AllWhiteBrix mean to you?

“So I was very sheltered as a kid/teen but the one artist I always found myself listening to was Lil Wayne. I was listening to music one day and came across the song "Steady Mobbin" by young money and in there he has a line where he says something like "All, all white bricks I'm straight like it's jumping back to thirty six". Well If you didn't know my name is Brixton and I guess when I heard that line it was just like that's it "AllWhiteBrix". It was not until a couple months to maybe a year later when I had brought the idea to a couple friends they then informed me the actual meaning behind it. I was shocked to say the least considering the fact that I didn't even know what it met at the time I come up with it, besides I don't really mess with that stuff.“

When did start making music?

“I actually started writing poetry freshman year of high school as a way to express myself, It wasn't until around my junior year until I actually started making music. I went to a trade school called EVIT where I learned radio broadcasting and audio production and that is when I fell in love with the whole music making process.“

5 Favorite artists of all time?

“That's so hard to choose there are so many great artist out there but If I had to choose It would be (in no particular order) Lil Wayne, Mac Miller, Tribe Called Quest, Eminem, Snoop Dogg“

What do you both think of the current state of AZ Hip Hop?

“Arizona is active! We got so many great artist out here plus the azhiphop festival! I feel like there is a lot more opportunities out here then in some other states. As I always say AZ got the heat!“

Advice for up and coming creators and artists?

“Be yourself and invest in yourself. Give more than you receive. Lastly, embrace change.“

Biggest lesson you’ve learned so far?

“The biggest lesson I learned was probably to love the struggle/process and to take risk. The journey for building a career in music is a long road but it is important to love the process that is gonna take you to your destination.“

Who influenced/influences your music the most?

“I think Mac is my biggest influence. His songs were always so different and creative. He had a good work ethic and always kept the day one homies around.“

Who would you like to collab with in the future?

“There is so many artist I would love to collab with but I think Futuristic, Chika, Travis Thompson, and Childish Gambino would be dope to collab with just to name a few.“

What’s the next move for AllWhiteBrix?

“Well of course a lot of things are on pause because of covid such as live shows and things like that, but I have been talking with my booking agent to try and setup a virtual show online but for now that's still in the works. However I will actually be dropping a new single once a month every month on monday with the hashtag #monthlymusicmondays. So stay tuned into my IG for new releases and be sure to follow me on soundcloud and all social media sites @AllWhiteBrix“

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