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U.S. Marine Corps Orders Confederate Flag Ban Including on ANY AND ALL ITEMS.

In the middle of a global pandemic, heightened racial tensions spilling over due to protests and riots across the globe against the death of George Floyd! The United States Marine Corp has banned all depictions of the Confederate battle flag at its installations.


Setting an example for all 3 of the other active branches in the Military.

A marine administrative message (MARADMIN) outlined the ban which would even prohibit wearing marines T-shirts or drinking coffee from mugs that feature the flag on installations in the U.S. and abroad.

Marine commanders will have to find and get rid of any displays of the flag within work spaces and public areas on their installations and "must exercise best judgement and discretion" when conducting inspections.

The push for the removal of all Confederate Statues, Monuments and any imagery around the globe is an incredible step in the name of progress. These images, and monuments carry 400 years of hate and pain and NEED TO BE REMOVED FROM OUR COUNTRY NATIONWIDE !!!

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