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True Speak

It’s hard to find truth in a modern day era of lies, half truths and fake news. It’s become so common for people to misrepresent the truth, for artists to cap, and as always for politicians to lie but never in this magnitude. The popular culture has instituted falsehoods as commonplace and people glorify it.

There are springs of truth. There are artists who are arrogant yet real. Artists such as D. We$t provide a relief from the constant feed and cycle of lies. His latest project Zombie Killers is an exercise in reality. Filmed by an incredible cornerstone of hip hop culture in the state of New Mexico, J.Sinematics! The videographer has captured the gritty and down to earth style of D. We$t and highlighted his style and flow.

D. We$t is an artist with delivery, an even approach to flow, and writing that is straight forward and vivid. His production is handled by another familiar name to the state of New Mexico, battle rap and hip hop community. Angry Monk is the man behind the beats and creates a soundscape that is perfectly paired to the artists range and style!

Catch the latest video here and make sure to like, comment and share!

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