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Troy 409 presents-Hieroglyphics featuring don paolo

Music is a way to communicate across any culture. A way to express emotion and have someone from a different walk of life connect with in a deep and meaningful way. It is quoted as the universal language. The way that artists tap into this method of communication and emotive response is a mystery for any of those who do not create but to those who are artists and creators they know that this is simply an innate way of living and expressing the self. The artist is an important figure of our culture that manages to help us heal and build and communicate and for that we should praise those independent artists who help bring the beauty and understanding to our lives.

That is the purpose of Hieroglyphics. Troy 409 with Don Paolo does just that. The listener is transported through time and culture to experience a feeling, emotion and experience that is entirely relatable. The track features Troy 409 with some R&B stylings that also work in some rhythmic bars that highlight the range and ability of this artist’s tastes. The artist is a Tacoma based rapper who shows that his skill is not just regional but national/international. This artist is hungry and has the skill set to help develop his scene in his image and beyond.

This track is a track that has a high replay value and you can see that with the reach the song has on all streaming platforms. The talent from this artist is undeniable and you can find his track below!

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