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Trey Triple A Releases "Fix My Faucet ft. DNA Picasso”

Last week, Trey Triple A dropped a fire new track for us and it’s a summer hit! “Fix My Faucet” featuring DNA Picasso is now available to stream and download. 

The last time we heard from Trey Triple A, he released the “Designer Dreams” video. “Fix My Faucet” is the first single from Trey’s upcoming project, Drip Sold Separately, available sometime this July. The song shows us a different side to Trey in that he doesn’t sing in his signature melodic style on this track at all.

“I had no intention on releasing this song. Like at all,” he revealed. The hook came to him randomly one day while he cleaned his kitchen. “I had just turned off the sink and it kept dripping, so the first thing that came to mind was ‘I need to fix my faucet, it’s drippin, I can’t stop it.’ I ran with it. I recorded the song the same day I wrote it but I wasn’t feeling it in the sense that I didn’t really like the delivery I chose. So I never planned to release it.”

Trey Triple A performed the song when he opened for Blueface in Denver and after hearing the hook, his videographer, Nate “Nuckfate” Barnes, convinced him that it was fire. Trey sent him the track and, by chance, DNA Picasso was present when Barnes previewed it. “They both called me ecstatic about the song,” Trey said.

DNA Picasso wanted in. “Our videographer basically leaked the song to me,” he laughed. “I told Trey I wanted to get on it and had an open verse, so the next day I hopped on it...I wasn’t even supposed to hear the song tho,” DNA added.

“I felt it was perfect,” Trey continued. “I was skeptical at first just because I didn’t like the song, but I figured, if they feel this way about it, it must be something special.”

Click below to Listen!

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