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The Valley’s BEATBOX

Growing up in love with hip hop you appreciate the culture in all forms. As many know the four elements of hip hop are being a DJ, breakdancing, MC, and graffiti. With all four making huge statements and molding our everyday world today we know HipHop has paved its way three history. But most forget a impacting hidden element with a category of its own, beatboxing. Thanks to a Kansas born but Arizona raised beatboxer the valley now is one of few who still hold this talent and element. We owe that to BEATBOXELEMENT himself for holding his craft and blessing us with a talent that isn’t easily learned like the other elements of hip hop respect is not easily earned. Element started beatboxing in middle school after seeing Michael Winslow from the police academy perform. But it wasn’t till he met Rahzel and seen him perform that he took this talent seriously. Later performing at the Mason Jar he earned the nick name “missing element” After confusion here with Arizona DJ, Dj ELEMENT He added beatboxing to the element and his talent now has a identity of its own.

With influences of Rahzel, Scratch from the ROOTS, Kenny Muhammad, Biz Markie, Michael Winslow and the great Doug E. Fresh. The BEATBOXELEMENT made his way this year to the cardinals stadium stage. While performing for a huge crowd he’s reassured that people still value and appreciate the Elements as a whole. With a talent we don’t see to often I’m proud that he’s been able to reach this accomplishment of performing at the 2020 low rider Super Show. Sharing the talent, teaching the element, and remember hip hop as a culture. Thank you for bringing true hip hop into 2020 with a bang. Trust the process as I bring u the hype Follow @beatboxelement and see where else he takes his talent. With a closing statement in his words “I will make sure my name stays know and leave a major footprint”

This ones to HipHop..... LenorMunster

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Wendy McReynolds HOD A&R
Wendy McReynolds HOD A&R

He is soooo very talented!

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