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The Sponsors Of The 6th Annual Arizona Hip Hop Festival

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

We are only 2 weeks away. That’s right. The 6th Annual Arizona Hip Hop Festival kicks off in 2 weeks and the anticipation has everyone chomping at the bit to get their last minute tickets. While we all get ready to hit the festival dance floors we should take a look and appreciate those that help make this awesome event possible. Every festival has their set of sponsors but one thing the Arizona Hip Hop Festival has going for it is the high quality of sponsors helping RTU put together such an amazing event. We wanted to shine some light on some of this year’s sponsors and give you a glimpse into what makes them all so great. took over the digital infrastructure of the festival this year and it’s been an amazing transition from a fans perspective. This is a sponsor that has brought a lot to lay a great foundation for the two day Hip Hop extravaganza. Head over here to grab tickets and see their impact for yourself.

If you haven‘t heard of Monster Energy then you aren’t real. From sports to movies to music, this is a brand that has taken over the world and its a huge move to have them sponsoring the 6th Annual Arizona Hip Hop Festival. People were beyond excited when they were announced as sponsors. That was a mic drop type of moment for the Arizona Hip Hop Festival for sure. Whether you need energy for road trips or midterms, Monster is a must have for those moments when you not only need to be alert but you need to crush it. Along with the Monster Energy Breakers, a team of Monster Energy fueled B-Boys that rip up the dance floor every chance they get, this year‘s festival is powered by Monster Energy.

Valley Metro Artline is doing amazing things in the community. It’s one thing to have a home state or hometown that is doing well but it’s another to have one that inspires and captivated you. Valley Metro Artline is not only bringing some beauty to the community but allowing artists to take part in the process. A quote from ValleyMetro.Org summarizes their mission; “Though the ArtsLine program, Valley Metro strives to provide collaborative public art opportunities to enhance our rider’s experience. Local, established and upcoming artists, as well as local students of the arts or with an interest in art, may find a variety of opportunities to connect with the community though Valley Metro by exhibiting their creative skills and talent through public art.“ With the presence of visual artists at the Arizona Hip Hop Festival growing every year its a great fit to have them as sponsors this year.

Select. is a sponsor that you are probably aware of if you are into cannabis culture. They are known for doing things better. They refuse to let good enough be good enough. Just look at their potency and pesticide test scores. The results speak for themselves from a company with internal standards that are more strict than state compliance requirements. With Select. it started with a bad cough which led the thought “why not make a safer cartridge?” They did and they intend to always get better.

This next sponsor has a great story. For starters they brew their beer out of an old creamery turned recording studio that is over 100 years old. Four Peaks Brewing Company is a staple for so many Arizona beer lovers. The entire brand is Arizona from the idea being a love child of a group of people that had an obsession with beer so they decided to build a brewery and share their obsession with the community. They use the best ingredients their beers and it shows in their massive popularity in and out of Arizona.

Tru Med is a dispensary that is known not only for its quality but for its patient care. They really strive to make sure that their patients get exactly what they need and it’s helped them develop into a go-to dispensary for many MMJ patients in Arizona. If you want to head to a dispensary but don’t have your recommendation then check out AZ Green Life. With two locations to service the Phoenix area, this Medical Marijuana Certification Center operating since 2011 is the best place to get your MMJ recommendation. They are the cheapest center in town and have a name that carries weight in Arizona. People trust AZ Green Life.

Saltmine Studio is building a crazy legacy of gold and platinum records in their catalog of work. Artists like Lil Wayne, 21 Savage, Lil Peep, and countless others have graced their booths and it’s a perfect fit to have them as sponsors of the 6th Annual Arizona Hip Hop Festival. They have an impressive list of

artists they have helped craft amazing

music but they want artists from any genre and any budget range to check out their unique old

school meets modern day approach.

iKON Radio has become a staple in Arizona Hip Hop. DJ John Blaze champions a growing internet radio station that features nothing but quality independent Hip Hop. This is the place to find amazing music from Arizona artists. They constantly drop new music from upcoming and established artists in AZ and have been at it for a few years now. This sponsor is becoming synonymous with AZ Hip Hop and the festival wouldn’t feel the same without them.

Don't forget that when you’re having the time of your life at the 6th Annual Arizona Hip Hop Festival, it wouldn’t be possible without these amazing sponsors. Thanks for helping make this magic happen.

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