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The Prince of N.Y...J.I

The Prince of N.Y....J.I

Being one of millions of fans that have followed the young rapper since he first made a appearance on the LifeTime reality show The Rap Game. Hosted by rapper/producer Jermaine Depri to find hot new hiphop artist. J.I made notice with a unique lyrical flow influenced by rappers like Nas and Tupac. Even with losing in the show’s competition he branched off and soon became the hot new artist from New York.

In 2019 the 18 year old announced that he was indeed signed to Interscope records which came with a partnership with GStarr. The Brooklyn bred native posted “we was signed to the streets before a major lable” “...2020 ours?” Releasing his first single as a signed artist “love don’t change” off of his Hood Life Crisis Vol. 1 EP he showed a soft side of being a ride or die to a love interest. With more melodic flows he has released other hits like “needed me” and “blame on me.”

He’s now known as a prince to not only N.Y but other cities around the world. Reaching 60 million streams on Spotify with a single featuring another new generation rapper lil Tay who assisted on “proud of me” and “hood scars 2” J.I is set to make more notice with his newly released 6 song project Welcome to GStarr Vol. 1. Tapping into his Hispanic back ground with his song “ Spanglish” feat. Myke Towers he shows a new style then his popular flow.

I personally love every song on the project and will have this in my monthly playlists on Apple Music. Check out his older mixtapes and this new

project and tell me what you think. So far his buzz is going threw the roof. Posting his live stream profile after only 20 mins of dropping the new EP. We see you J.I the prince of N.Y

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