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If you haven’t heard of this trio of rappers that came together to create the group GRISELDA you been sleeping on rap. Bringing the lyrical grime rap of the 1990’s to 2020 with a bang. With a new single that came out February 19, 2020 called “Fire in the booth pt.1” Featuring Charlie Sloth. We hear that traditional freestyle, underground sound while the group is gaining new fans and audiences from all generations. Founded by WU-TANG’s Raekwon in 2017 at a New York showcase for the group. Raekwon quickly praised the Buffalo crew on their similar sound and lyrical abilities. Griselda since have signed to rap god Eminem’s label SHADY Records which isn’t surprising. A lyrically mean trio made up of east coast rap aesthetic out of Buffalo rapper Benny The Butcher, Conway the Machine, and WestSide Gunn. Griselda released their first project back in November of 2019. Named after rapper Marchello “Machine Gun Black” Lowery also known as Chine Gun. Who is group member Benny’s half brother and WestSide’s cousin. Who was murdered in the streets of New York. Now we ask them “WHAT WOULD CHINE GUNN DO?”

With static around individually Benny the Butcher released a EP “statue of limitations” back in October of 2019. Conway the Machine has the “Griselda Ghost” project under his belt with a new single that was released January 31st 2020 called “Heart Cold” WestSide Gunn with the “Hitler Wears Hermès 7” controversial cover in 2019 and a new project “Gold Platinum” released early this month. All parts of this trio working with individual projects and burning fire for hiphop and rap. With word around that the group is the new aged Wu-Tang. We know we can expect this 90’s hiphop sound to make its way back into the ears of yet another generation. Check out all music on all music platforms and let us know what you think! I am LenorMunster trusting the process and bringing you the hype.

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