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The Lexus Boys in the building... Hey this was a special Sunday night episode of THE MISSION and word to Scottsdale it was special. Joseph Bills is a prolific artist that gets a lot of respect in the community.

We talk about his work ethic, his upbringing, and his unchallenged attitude toward life and making music.

His new video "The Cost" is rising in views quickly on YouTube as he continues to drop singles with videos continuously this covid season.

He was the first artist to choose the WHITECLAW and drank that shit...Here's a gem you didn't know after the show he took the 4LOCO for the ride home. A genuine guy that has had diverse experiences in his life gives his all to the MAXEDOUT MOB, his fans, friends, followers, and family. With no end in sight and no need to drop a full length anytime soon, Joseph plans to keep up the assault of single after single.

His energy is apparent in the interview and shines through in his music. The world will eventually become aware and submit to the Joseph Bills sound, it's just a matter of time.

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