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Every year there are two events that get all the artists in Phoenix involved. Of, course the first being RTU'S Hip Hop Festival then there is the other, the AZMT HIP HOP AWARDS. This event BRINGS HEAT EVERY YEAR, and you are either involved, getting nominated/awarded or hating on those that do.

Being that time of year I contacted MR. ARIZONAMIXTAPES himself to talk it out. WE WILL BE TAKING TEXT AND CALLS [804.305.6570] to truly clear the air on this great event.

People are already hoping iI'll ask the tough questions. Let's be clear I HAVE NO problem with that, but I also have no problem with the event sooooooo TUNE IN and check it out.

The MAIN INTERVIEW this week is with the artists of BLUPRINT RECORDS. Surrounding the producer engineer FANATIK from left to right is Big DADDY CHOOCH, KILLA SIAH, KNOTTY KID, and KBIZZ. I have performed with the whole crew, here's a hint SIAH's uncle is a G too. The music is incredible, the collabs are official, these gentlemen are a rising force on the PHX Hip Hop scene.

With that being said and understood we will tap in with THE PRINT to see how they are thriving during COVID season. To be honest, these guys are similar to Wu Tang, I don't know who's showing up. Fingers crossed we get to chop it up with the whole team. PLUS there has been a recent collaboration with the MIGHTY DANE RUSSELL. so we will discuss all of that along with the usual MISSION topics. PLEASE do yourself a favor and tap in RIGHT HERE at SATURDAY 11:30AM AZTIME

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