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The masterful artistry of Tae Zu

A martial artist is comfortable with repetition, as repetition is the father of learning. The same technique practiced often turns a novice into the master. There is a train of thought that dictates that a master has practiced his craft for over 10,000 hours. That would be 416 days straight if that artist practiced for 24 hours a day. There is no question that a person who is hungry for mastery reaches that goal.

Tae Zu is that artist. He is not only a person who is mastering their craft but is also a martial artist so he understands the time, the practice, the meditation on the goal, the striving for better, the achieving new heights just to break through new barriers. If you listen to Tae Zu's music you can hear the concentration on lyrics being used like weapons, bars are constructed with care and his wordplay is reminiscent of the East Coast golden era. The spirit of the student/master dichotomy exists in his music because he practices his art/craft daily. He creates music that is unique and still captures that very specific Southwest region flavor. You can find him recording at a feverish pace and working on new projects often.

His latest project "Tel Off" is available on his website, "Off" is available on all platforms and his website, "Respiratory" on all platforms and All of his music is self made, mixed and mastered (Mok1). You can keep up with the martial artist, his music and all that he is working on at his website. Listen to the music and get familiar with the man and the movement. 

Follow him on social media and his website below!

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