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The Desert Baby Speaks

“Just Wanna Say To The People Who Came Out To See Me And Support Me Last Night You’ll Forever Hold A Special Place In My Heart.!!“ These are the words of a grateful artist. The Desert Baby, one of Arizona’s hottest rising talents, posted a message to thank everyone involved with his headlining 6th Annual Arizona Hip Hop Festival performance.

Artists with an obvious upward trajectory don’t typically take their time to go out of their way and thank people in this way. ”To The Lil Girl From #Tucson That Came All The Way To #Phoenix With Her Dad To See #DesertBaby Live I Will Never Forget The Smile On Your Face.!! To The Mexican Homies From The #EastSide That Showed Up For Me I Swear We Locked In.” That is an artist that felt every fan in attendance and one that is obviously thankful for the support he received when his performance became one of the bigger highlights from the festival this year. Need more proof? He wasn’t even close to being done, “To The Mexican Homegirl From The East Side That Brang Her Kids My Lil Homies For Life. For All My Instagram And Facebook Friends That Said HI And Took A Picture With Me It’s Forever Saved In My Phone.!!“ Show me another artist that proudly states they save every fan photo on their phone. While a good amount probably do, The Desert Baby lets it be known. He is one hundred percent about his fans and the impact they have on him is immediate and resonates to a point where all he wants to do is say thank you and give the love right back.

He also understands what got him to this point and doesn’t shy away from letting his day one supporters and crew get their recognition as well. ”To The Homies Off ‘40 Block 40 Gang’ I Love Y’all Like No Other Y’all Been To Every Show.!! To My E-Town 1800Blk Line Pushers I Appreciate The Support Y’all Make Sure I’m Good Everytime.!! And To My #Godinez Family That Was There I Know My Mama Proud.!!“

The Desert Baby is one of the least selfish artists you will find out there. He makes music for everyone that struggles. He performs for people that need hope or something to inspire them. Most imporantly, ”I Do What I Do Because I Love #Arizona!!“, The Desert Baby continues to solidify his well earned name.

He isn’t just a skilled artist but also one with a savvy business mind. He works with the right people and he is just as happy to work with them as he is to take photos and perform in front of huge crowds of adoring fans. “Thanks To Vibegood Film For The Recap On A Amazing Night And Thank You To ADub Rios For The Dope Pictures He Captured For Me Last Night.!! Love Working With Great People.!! Shout Justus S. Olbert And Respect The Underground And Arizona Hip Hop Festival For Even Making That Opportunity Even Possible For Me.!!“. He was a natural fit for being on that stage. Justus and RTU definitely curated his placement perfectly and he held up his end of the deal and then some with a performance that will be talked about for awhile. The Desert Baby capped off his message with seven words thay said it all, ”Thank You All I Love You All.” No, thank you Desert Baby, thank you. #DesertBabyGang #ArizonaEverything

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