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Teen Killed in Arizona Circle K By White Man Because He Was Listening To Rap

17-year-old Elijah Al-Amin was murdered by 27-year-old Michael Adams on the 4th of July, at a Circle K located at corner of 67th Ave and Peoria Ave in Peoria, AZ. The attack allegedly occurred when Adams heard the victim listening to rap music. Police said that Elijah was inside the store when Adams came up behind and stabbed him.

Once police saw Adams near the Circle K and noticed a knife and blood on him, he was reported to have told detectives “rap music made him feel unsafe because, in the past, he was attacked by people who listened to that music genre.”

The attack happened just two days after Adams was released from prison. Adams reportedly told detectives he “needed to be proactive than reactive and protect himself and the community from the victim." It has been reported that Adams has a history of mental illness. Adams’ attorney, Jacie Cotterell, says the Arizona Department of Corrections released him without medication or being taken to a facility for mental health services even though the knew he had problems.

The ADC said that Adams wasn’t labeled as serious risk for mental issues and “had no further legal authority over him.” Cotterell said that Adams shouldn’t go to prison but received treatment for his condition. Adams has been charged with one count of first-degree murder. He is still in custody.

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I think that Adam should have life in prison for killing Elijah Al-Amin - I feel Adam committed a hate crime and using Adam's own words "I need to be proactive" he told the detectives that shows intention. I know that right now Adam's is in custody under murder one but I hope to God that does not change otherwise he will kill again.


Jenn Bretal
Jenn Bretal
Jul 08, 2019

What the hell they mean that he doesn't need to be in jail yes he does tf. He killed a baby who was on 17 he had his whole life a head of him and he stole that from Elijah. Unreal of course his lawyers is trying to justify his killing. He don't need a phsyc hospital that's for sure. He needs to in p.c bc I Kno the men's prison don't like child killers. If the family members of Elijah sees this I'm so sry for ur loss may God continue to carry you. God bless.

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