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Tay-K Found Guilty, Faces More Charges

19-year-old rapper Tay-K, real name Taymore McIntyre, was found guilty of “lesser included offense of murder.” Lawyers debated in court on Friday (July 19) that despite him not pulling the trigger that killed Ethan Walker, he was aware the robbery would end in someone getting shot. Tay-K plead guilty to two counts of aggravated robbery by threats.

Jeff Kearney, Tay-K‘s lawyer, explained on Tuesday (July 16) that his client had “accepted responsibility” for the robbery. He is adamant that the evidence wouldn’t support that Tay-K was aware Latharian Merritt “was going to go in and intentionally kill for no reason, intentionally kill Ethan Walker.” The punishment phase is reported to be underway.

Tay-K is also facing charges in a second capital murder case out of Bexar County and an aggravated robbery case in Tarrant County that occurred while he was on the run from authorities.

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