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Taking the basketball to the studio with A MIAMI ANTHEM

Miami’s Ricky Rozay announces his first single since Port of Miami 2, will be what he calls a “Miami anthem.” Featuring Miami Heats D Wade, Raphael Saadiq and 3x NBA champion Udonis Haslem. With a single named “season ticket holder” with all Miami’s big names we see Rick Ross making history with a new NBA/HipHop collaboration. Releasing the single February 21, Wade spoke about the hype that surround the crossover from the court to the studio. By saying he’s not a rapper but thinking about the 1997 single Kobe Bryant make with Singer Brian McKnight “hold me” was the inspiration he needed. Taking the chance and following Kobe and many other NBA stars with a crossover on and off the court.

With major controversy surrounding Wade at this time based off of the hype on social media from rapper lil Boosie there’s a lot of attention on Wade. Boosie uneasy while confronting Wade for addressing his child with actress Gabrielle Union as his “daughter” made Boosie upset. In which he took to IG to speak upon. After Wade shared with the world that his son was transgender. He addressed 12yr old Zaya as his daughter while explaining his place as a parent on many social platforms. While all opinions are welcome not all opinions matter. We applaud Wade for standing up as a father and taking a stand for his family.

With Wade’s jersey being retired this Saturdayhis documentary is highly anticipated. With visuals for the single by Mistadubb (@bobbmetus) we can expect the same quality as he worked on D.Wades new documentary D.Wade: Life Unexpected. Which will be premiering on ESPN 9 EST. Telling the story of how Dwayne Wade became the legendary D.Wade of Miami. We look forward to all of the major things coming out of Miami all 2020. Trusting the process and bringing the hype I am LenorMunster

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