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SUPREME pays homage to rapper TUPAC in Spring/Summer 2020 collection

Available to all fashion capitals including New York, Los Angeles, San Fran, London, Paris and Japan get first looks Feb. 22. Well all other access for all online shoppers will start Feb. 27. We can expect the Tupac Holograph image from 2012 Chochella Vally Music & Art Festival. With a classic streetwear Tee and skate deck.

In which was created by Digital Domain Media group who later filled a chapter 11 bankruptcy protection from the creators for the special effect within the same year.

With the excitement of this drop in the month of February. I’d also like to acknowledge that in February 1993 Tupac dropped his “strictly 4 my niggaz” album. That featured his certified Gold single “KEEP YOUR HEAD UP” along with “I get around.” Featuring the group Digital Underground who Tupac made his music debut feature with for the sound track of “Nothing but trouble.”

With the love of fashion and hip hop in the words of the great TUPAC

“Don’t cry, dry your eyes, never let up”

And “stay down with the UNDERGROUND”

Trusting the process and the hype again,

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