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MiahSudd returns to the hip hop game with his third offering. Suddissect is a creation that is highlighting the creative vision of MiahSudd as an artist/person. The project also features the production work of well known battle rapper/artist DanK and internationally known composer/producer Kat Alina. Both Kat Alina and DanK are involved in the success of the battle rap league Universal Battle Realm. The production work from DanK is featured on the intro O.R. and the last track Anvil as well as guitar on tracks "Crash" and "Expectations". DanK mixed and mastered the entire project while all of the recording was done by MiahSudd himself. DanK was also the artist behind the album art and has a co-writing credit on "Anvil" which features a hook he wrote. MiahSudd flexes his writing credits by writing the hook that Kat Alina sings on "Million Dollar Man". This project features production from Kat Alina on tracks 2-8 and as previously mention features his vocals on track 4 "Million Dollar Man".

The Intro of the project bleeds perfectly into the first track "Crash". The track creates this pop punk meets underground hip hop vibe that blends so well with Celeesi's voice, DanK's guitar work and MiahSudd's flow. MiahSudd indicts life, it's meaning, work and balance in this track and throughout the entire album. MiahSudd is one of those artists who can has a range of funky, fun, hype and depth. This entire project seems to be material that he has been building since the inception of his career and carefully constructing into this solid singular vision of what his experiences, thoughts and creativity dictates. Check out the latest project by MiahSudd titled "Suddissect" and please drop a follow!

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