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Stage Champions: Vol 2. - KT Gipson

With only 56 days to go until the 6th Annual Arizona Hip Hop Festival we wanted to highlight some artists that stood out last year. With three spots up for grabs they staked their claim as Champions of the Stage. These winners have all been making moves since they secured their bag at last year’s Arizona Hip Hop Festival and we wanted to give you glimpse into the winner‘s circle. The next artist we are proud to present is the first place winner KT Gipson.

The word unique gets thrown around a lot in music especially in Hip Hop where the community struggles to embrace the growth while maintaining the originality, the tipping point as it were, that got them there. KT Gipson is what Hip Hop should be proud to call a truly unique artist in its zeitgeist. Especially in the current climate of Hip Hop being so popular that the genre gets cluttered and sounds get oversaturated and played out. KT Gipson strikes the balance between prevelant bars celebrated from the past and perplexed bravado currently forming the present. He shows his influences but doesn’t sound like

anyone else. He’s as well rounded as his travels. Hailing from Detroit, traveling to countless states and cities, and calling Phoenix his current home. It’s easy to see how KT Gipson has become so well rounded. His stage presence will show you like a works cited page why he was chosen to be last year’s first place winner. He then parlayed that success into a song with Hip Hop legend Juvenile, “Live Like This (Remix)“, and is currently working on a collab project with one of last year’s fellow winners, Vonni G. He made moves before and after his win last year. Opening up for Lil Wayne, Slim Thug, Rick Ross, Twista and thats just to name a few. These are credentials befitting a first place contender. These are the accolades of a stage champion. Do not miss out on KT Gipson this year at the 6th Annual Arizona Hip Hop Festival.

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