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Stage Champions: Vol 1. - Vonni G

We are 57 days from the 6th Annual Arizona Hip Hop Festival and as we get closer and closer to our favorite time of the year and we wanted to highlight some artists that stood out last year. With three spots up for grabs they staked their claim as Champions of the Stage. These winners have all been making moves since they secured their bag at last year’s Arizona Hip Hop Festival and we wanted to give you glimpse into the winner‘s circle. First up we are proud to present Vonni G.

Vonni G is from the great state of Wisconsin. Milwaukee to be exact and he represents Troublesome Ent. After claiming his winning spot at last year's Arizona Hip Hop Festival Vonni G has been hard at work. His second album titled The Trap Chronicles just dropped and it is available on all music platforms. There are artists who rap about the "Trap" and then there are artists who have lived it. Songs like "Get This Bag Off", "Fuck A Double Cup", and "Psycho" give you a diverse view of the artist and the man behind the mic. Vonni G lives his music. There is personal struggle, philosophical views, and a lot of real rap throughout the album and these three songs sum it up nicely.

Vonni G‘s current moves have him working on a collab album with fellow winner KT Gipson. The celebration of his album release at the Monarch Theater just happens to coincide with Slim 400 coming back to AZ and it couldn’t be a better fit. Vonni G is a rapper with grit for those that like their hip hop served with hustle. To back this up you can look at his collabs with Arsonal da Rebel and Goodz, two premiere battle rappers at the top of their game. They obviously see something in Vonni G. Real recognizes real. Don't miss him this year at the 6th Annual Arizona Hip Hop Festival

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