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Spotlight series ep.1 introducing - Gastronaut

World, meet Gastronaut. A new face to the scene. Dropping his debut project. We sat down with Gas to discuss his new release.

What's good Gas!

What’s up y’all!

Tell us about S99?

S99 is my first project that will be available on all streaming services. This project was very spontaneous, and while catching certain vibes I knew I had something special. For a little over a month me and two close friends (Susflex & SID), literally locked ourselves in the studio for over half a day almost everyday, not going to bed until well after sunrise, just to get up in the afternoon to do it all over again.

THATS DOPE! So you guys cranked out the whole project in One month? That's allot of work.

Sometimes work doesn’t even feel like work when you’re doing what you love, but when you have people around you making it even more fun and exciting, there’s truly nothing more you would rather be doing. 

S99 is the nick-name for the studio that claymore boyz was using during that 5 week period, and will forever be a time that I can look back on and remember through listening to this project. 

Cover art for S99 Lead Single off S99

Peep his latest video in association w/ Father Foxx Clothing @OurFatherFox IG Music video for song “Studio 99” 

What's next for you?

I have my first Virtual Concert w/ RTU. I'm juiced, Teleporting anywhere is dope. You can catch that performance on @RTU Facebook page 05/23/2020 at 5:30pm (MST)


You can also hear my new single exclusively on @RTU Worldwide radio.

Other than that just making music an poppin beans like Steve McQueen.

Instagram @Paccinspace

Twitter @Paccinspace

Facebook Jack Rowe

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