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SouthWest Stand UP Sonni Boi - New Mex King

We sat down with Sonni Boi live on @iKon Radio ... Here is a glimpse into the mind of a future super star.

1) Who is Sonni Boi?

I am an unsigned artist born and raised in New Mexico.  Started writing rhymes at an early age and recorded my first record at the age of fifteen. I've dropped multiple mix tapes in my home town Silver City, New Mexico and debuted with my first album Small Town Kid Big City dreams under 4th and 5th ENT in 2016. The title of the project came from being raised in a small town with very few opportunies and had dreams of making it to the "Big Stage". I graduated from Silver High school in 2012 and began touring in January of 2013.  My first tour was the We Are New Mexico tour with Fat Fish records opening for Head Liner Boy Dirrt. It didn't take much to figure out what i wanted to do with my life.  Sonni Boi was a nick name as a kid and I turned into my stage name with B.O.I. standing for Born Over Influenced.

2) Who are some artist that Sonni Boi has performed with in the past?

My first live show was opening for (Rest In Peace) El Dreamer in 2010 courtesy of Grant County's DJ Milla Gram. I performed in front of 5 people

and instantly thought about giving up.  I remembered a valuable lesson my father always told me, take a loss the way you take a win. My next performance was at a teen dance in front of 250 heads and within a six month time frame I was performing in front of a crowd of 500 opening for Mc Magic in my home town. I've since been blessed to open and tour with many big industry names ranging from Mike Jones, Kirko Bangz, Baeza, Baby Bash, The Dog Pound, Bone Thugz and Harmony, Futuristic, Riff Raff, Kevin Gates to list a few.

3) What are your goals for 2020 and beyond?

Goals for 2020 are to release my sophomore album tunnel vision.  Continue to develop as an artist and continue to grow our brand and release quality content.

4) Who are some producers you are working with on tunnel vision?

The entire album is produced by Southwests only Dirty Yayy. Dirty and myself go back over a decade he has produced all known releases such as Let It Go, Stacks On Deck, Down On The Floor and Domino.  Dirty is a South West staple and has a wide selection of production which is why its made sense for us to work together for so long.

5) Tell me a little about the production company your working with?

In 2015 my hype man J-Shock and myself were booked to perform at a night club Halos Ultra Lounge.  Over the course of the next year they had booked me for multiple events and led to a conversation between the owner and myself to cut a record for the brand we titled it Savage Life.  Unique Visuals By William brought the video to life and sparked the idea to form H Boyz Productoinz.  We had a quick follow up with the video release of Monster followed by Give Me My Money and led with smash single Domino.  We are currently working on my first project to release under H Boyz productionz and working and showing love to artists across the South West.

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