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SkipTheGenius Warns And Entertains On “Moonwalk”

A song called “Moonwalk” might lull you into a false sense of security when you hear the name. I say false sense because you might be surprised when you find out this particular moonwalk is in reference to the moves your feet might do when you feel the kickback from firing a gun. SkipTheGenius could easily remind you of Killer Mike not just heavily sound but slightly in content as well. The song is laden with confident and gritty imagery but doesn’t rest on shock value. The production has room for improvement but that doesn’t take away from the impressive elements of the song. SkipTheGenius rarely uses single syllable rhyme schemes throughout the song. Throwing in internal rhymes to boot, he spits like a season veteran. The beat is not to be taken lightly as it sets a great tone for bars like “I’m nothing like a hero bitch I’m more like ISIS” which showcase his punchline cadences very well.

With a video in the works, the legacy of “Moonwalk” will only grow. The song speaks to the darker elements of life but it’s filled with so much skill and talent that it speaks to you like a photo taken of a war torn battlefield. SkipTheGenius delivers more than just aggressive story telling or vitriolic metaphors, he delivers proof as to why he belongs.

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