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The Southwest is a stark place. Desolate landscapes, very little life and animals tough as leather. This environment can take life from anything or on the opposite end of the spectrum, life can grow even with the worst possible odds. The Southwest music scene is no different. Many parts of the scene are out for themselves. Some are even blatantly unwilling to support those around them as they feel that they deserve more than. The Southwest scene is growing beyond just individual states, it is growing into a powerhouse with artists from Arizona, New Mexico, West Texas, Colorado, and Nevada all starting to realize their strength in numbers. Respect The Underground provides that unique space to create bridges between otherwise isolated communities. The networking and support between states/regions/cities is starting to create a unique bond that is spreading the word of these artists at an even greater rate than before. This is that rose that grew from the concrete. The Southwest is coalescing into a platform for an entire grassroots movement.

One of the artists that is on the rise is Gilly Soul and Qwst. Their latest project provides an introspective analysis of what it means to be an artist and how the rap game can affect a person. The lyrics, production, mixing and mastering are solid and the team they have on this track is heavy. Dom Major with his production, mixing and mastering done by Darius Beatz and artwork by Yung Fly creates a masterful project that epitomizes that southwest style while bringing content that has depth. You can find a lot of solid work from the artist on all major streaming platforms, make sure to follow him for updates on his latest work! Keep an eye out for Searching on Respect The Underground's radio streaming services as well!

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John jaxson
John jaxson
Jul 19, 2020

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