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Twitter became Salt-N-Pepa central on Saturday night after the first trailer for Lifetime's upcoming biopic about the two Hip Hop legends. Fans have been eager to see what the project would look like and if it would stay true to the vibe and heart of Salt-N-Pepa. Those same fans will be excited to know that the film will be three hours long and will chronicle the trials and triumphs of Cheryl “Salt” James and Sandra “Pepa” Denton. It will delve into their beginnings as nursing students at Queensborough Community College in New York City all the way to their massive success and rise to the top of the charts.

People have had mixed reactions over the biopic. A vocal grouping of fans are saying the casting choices are terrible while others are ignoring any negatives and simply praising the attempt at bringing such a pivotal story to the history of hip hop to the screen. Check out the trailer here and see for yourself if this project looks like they did the NYC emcee's justice.

hing like them.

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