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RTU WELCOMES The Most Controversial Podcast ever? Sativa presents Kane * Swerve360

The raw uncut energy of Hip Hop music and discussion funneled into a weekly podcast every Saturday 2-4pm on Ikon Radio or Respect The Underground. The Swerve n Kane Podcast with Show members Swerve, Dj Kane100, Sativa, Loud, and Millie G combine witty conversation with insight.

Straight from the Man Cave of Ikon Studios this show delivers insight into the minds of today’s men.

Debuting May 2nd, the show immediately caught fire with fans of Hip Hop regionally and internationally. Combining the best of indy music with honest thought provoking commentary.

You may reckonize these gentlemen from the sound stage of RTU’s live shows.

They bring that kinetic energy to each and every podcast.

Artist looking for exposure and critique plus fans searching for the real - all find it here at the Swerve n Kane Podcast.

Proudly recorded and broadcast from the Ikon studios this show has already proven itself to be professional, consistent, and early on music tastes and perspectives. Dj Kane’s weekly six pack highlights new music while Swerve brings the awkward talk to spark conversation Suave brings his knowledge of throwing shows with some of Arizona’s elite Loud brings HipHop news and is the word on the street Millie G has his hand on record capturing all the highlights of the show . 

Artists get the help needed, women check your man’s mind, men stand with us in solidarity. Get your mind right every Saturday 2-4pm AZ time

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