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RTU Launches Custom Virtual Reality goggles!!!

Adapt, Innovate and THRIVE !!! This is the new motto for RTU ! With the Pandemic hot spot landing smack dab in the middle of Phx. RTU has decided to cancel ALL LIVE EVENTS for 2020 with the exception of the Arizona Hip Hop Festival. In order to continue to produce live concerts RTU has partnered with #TSMGO (The Show Must Go On) Virtual. A VR (Virtual Reality) hardware and tech company. This partnership will create not only the hardware and accessories for the highest level of virtual events. It will give artists and fans alike the ability to attend concerts and events from the comfort and safety of their own homes.

A fully immersed 3D venue / landscape and custom VR goggles are only the start. We are hearing rumors a full blown Virtual AZ Hip Hop Fest is in the works, as well as a number of accessories and products. If you are interested in purchasing a pair of the custom goggles they will also include a lifetime membership to ALL RTU / VR Events for the first 100 pairs sold. Retailing at the low price of only $39.99 / unit.

They are set to release within the next 1-2 weeks.

In order to survive these unprecedented times, we must evolve.

We are truly grateful for our partnership with #TSMGO Virtual.

More announcements to come... 2020 can still without a doubt eat a whole bag of giant dicks.

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