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RTU Is Giving Away $1,000 Every Week In September

99 Days until the 6th Annual Arizona Hip Hop Festival and you would probably assume that anyone putting on such a grandiose event would play it safe in the months leading up to the event. You might assume that the financial weight of a festival would press too heavily on the minds of those involved and that undertaking such a big task would make a promoter a little cautious. You know what they say about assuming things. Respect The Underground have been busy planning out and choreographing the 6th year of the Arizona Hip Hop Festival.

Festivals aren't cheap as anyone who has ever put on a festival or the data you can easily google or just common sense would tell you. With the costs of headlining artists, staff, venue rental, supplies, security, permits, insurance and much more it could easily make anyone feel squeamish to host any sort of pre-festival events. Respect The Underground decided not only to keep hosting events but to up the ante and give away $1,000 every week in September. They have a history of rewarding talented independent artists but putting $4,000 back into the local Hip Hop community before the biggest event of the year is a bold move. Most in that situation tend to opt for giving back after the a huge event as a thank you and also a little bit of a safety net. They will get their money first. Respect The Underground wants you to get yours first.

Text 602-560-6399 if you want to perform and secure your bag.

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