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RoQy TyRaiD Responds To Mega Ran Festival Statements

The 6th Annual Arizona Hip Hop Festival is a mere 16 days away from kicking off and the hype has the masses talking and debating. One topic that was recently brought up was Arizona transplants. Mega Ran posted a passionate declaration of his transplant roots and spoke about the AZ Hip Hop Festival. Never one to shy away from a sensitive subject, RoQy TyRaiD gave his thoughts on transplants and their impact on Arizona Hip Hop.

RoQy TyRaiD summed it up nicely in his reply to Mega Ran on Facebook, “Despite being transplants, our trajectories pointed upward years after relocation and acclimation to a new environment. We owe it to a city that took us in, to rep it even if in our own way”. That is something that Phoenix, and Arizona as a whole, should be proud to hear. He added, “True, I’ll always be a Californian by origin, but when asked, I’m proudly a Phx artist.“ In his statement he not only showed his respect for Mega Ran but he made it clear that he and the overwhelmingly majority of transplant artists are not trying to exploit Arizona Hip Hop for personal growth. These artists have found an oasis for their creativity in Arizona and they want to help build the launchpad for themselves and others. RoQy fully embraces AZ Hip Hop and appreciates the love he and his transplant contemporaries, like Mega Ran, are receiving. “Transplants like us receiving stamps from az-raised Legends such as Iroc, Poke, Emerg, Justus, Willy for instance...“ RoQy stated passionately in his response, “to being treated as a resident no different from native Phoenicians by contemporary acts such as Trap, Leq, and of course Dave.. to considered trailblazers and flag bearers, ourselves, by up and coming acts... It’s an immense honor for sure and not something awarded whimsically and without justification.“ RoQy recognizes the impact Mega Ran has had on Arizona Hip Hop saying “You may not have felt you personally grew roots here but your effect on the scene and those who come after you is undeniable.” Mega Ran has absolutely had an incalculably positive impact on the Hip Hop scene one Arizona. This is a fact that no one can dispute.

And if Mega Ran and other transplants or even native Arizona artists feel uneasy about making moves outside of the state, RoQy summed it up nicely and put things into perspective by saying “Think of it like this.. a father mainly lifts his family up through his work outside the home. The state sees the moves and knows its in representation of the scene”. That says it all when it comes to any artist feeling like they have to stay local to best help the culture.

The state of AZ is the true wild west and from that history of outlaws and nomads comes an underdog state of mind and a transplants welcome approach. Just be ready to prove yourself in the desert. The Wild West hasn’t changed THAT much. RoQy TyRaiD emphatically embraces that approach, “I feel like the Vegeta of Phoenix lol.. from initial disdain and contrast, to grudging acceptance, to blowing shit the fuck up on behalf of the 🌵.“ RoQy TyRaiD has definitely done a lot on behalf of Arizona Hip Hop. This is also a fact that no one can dispute. Don't miss these two headlining transplant artists perform at the 6th Annual Arizona Hip Hop Festival.

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